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Okay, the first thing is that i just got to find out about the word "wikia" less than 2 hours ago. For someone who seems to spend more time online than offline: since i work online; this is annoying. This is not the first time that it looks like i'll be the last to know about something happening under my very nose, like i only got to hear the word "bitcoin" just last month.

Anyways, I am here and the first thing i wanted to do was start my own wikia. Naturally i got stuck. Then i figured i should at least sign up first (i figured that out all by myself). After signing up, i went for the "Start a Wikia" again and this time around; i got stuck.

So i went for the next best thing; post a blog. Now why am i so bent on starting a wikia? It is because of the slide show you see at the top right corner and other things that i am yet to discover. I will still start that wikia once i build enough patience to get to know the site. I am about 45 minutes old already on it and would be celebrating my 46th minute on before i'm done with this sentence.

My SLiDe sHoW

Ths slide show is about myloafart or miart, a hobby i picked up out of loafing and doodling about the computer waiting for the next writing task to be mailed (haven't told you what i do and why i spend most of my time online). So i have collected quite a few of it i.e. created them and will be talking about and displaying them as time permits. As for now, kindly endure...sorry; enjoy them. Oh, you are quite free to tell me how insufferable(at times i like using big words...i think is just sounds right to place it there) they make you feel.