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    Abusive Administrators

    March 19, 2013 by Lothian 1

    It comes without saying that a dictatorial power base exists in some wikis which is continuously condoned and allowed by Wikia. I speak of established chat rules which are not followed as they are printed to be followed by administors of a particular Wiki.

    THIS MUST be curtailed by Wikia Staff and VSFT members! Those Administrators that are abusive in their approach to wiki members and spur on argumentative subject matter they KNOW will produce an ultimately UGLY response from wiki users should be Removed from their positions. Constantly bannig users that do not follow their particular idealogies of "what they" perceive as acceptable MUST STOP!.

    User: Aryavart should be immediately investigated by Wikia Staff and VSFT Members since they alre…

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  • Lothian 1

    Last night an incident occurred that greatly limited my "User" account.  A "Spam Filter" was placed by Wikia to limit some type of Mallware problem they were having with the site.  I can see and realize that this type of thing is a necessity and important to safe operations but, to get on with.

    I filed the appropriate services tickets and recieved no answers. None. From no Staff. I did not know what this was myself because I am not a knowledgeable computer person in those regards so, I went to the Comm Central Chat to see if any there knew what it was. I posted the message I received from Wikia in the chat room upon my arrival there and immediately asked what this was.  I was greeted by a threat from your Moderator "TyA" to NOT post that ag…

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