It comes without saying that a dictatorial power base exists in some wikis which is continuously condoned and allowed by Wikia. I speak of established chat rules which are not followed as they are printed to be followed by administors of a particular Wiki.

THIS MUST be curtailed by Wikia Staff and VSFT members! Those Administrators that are abusive in their approach to wiki members and spur on argumentative subject matter they KNOW will produce an ultimately UGLY response from wiki users should be Removed from their positions. Constantly bannig users that do not follow their particular idealogies of "what they" perceive as acceptable MUST STOP!.

User: Aryavart should be immediately investigated by Wikia Staff and VSFT Members since they already are a major part of MicroWiki and the installation of its rules and policies because they stem into other Wikis constantly.  Members are blamed for the pronblems in this wiki and are said to have no control of their individual maturity but, it is the Adminsitrators who are the culprets!!

today I have been banned for a YEAR for NOTHING...No racists remarks were made and no unprofessionalism was used in my chat room. This Administrator, who is from Russia, started stating how US were worthless and liars and got another of his peeps MicrovisonContest to hail more support his way...I responded as an American citizen would because WE as chat user cannot demand an Administrator to stop what he is doing in chat and I defended my countrymen. They insulted an entire generation of our countrymen by their remarks and my remarks were merely aimed at how the world owes the US it own freddoms after WWII...

Tis ban and many others on this Wiki are unwarranted and should be reverses by Wikia Staff adn/of VSFT Members