Last night an incident occurred that greatly limited my "User" account.  A "Spam Filter" was placed by Wikia to limit some type of Mallware problem they were having with the site.  I can see and realize that this type of thing is a necessity and important to safe operations but, to get on with.

I filed the appropriate services tickets and recieved no answers. None. From no Staff. I did not know what this was myself because I am not a knowledgeable computer person in those regards so, I went to the Comm Central Chat to see if any there knew what it was. I posted the message I received from Wikia in the chat room upon my arrival there and immediately asked what this was.  I was greeted by a threat from your Moderator "TyA" to NOT post that again that my problem was being "discussed".  He/She went on to explain what it was and that it was not a block from editing but, a block from the use of the "link" on my page and even suggested that I remove it.  FUNNY to me, seeing how the "block" did not allow edits to be made and I explained that to this person.  I left agreeably when "TyA" stated that the block would be removed.

ONE HOUR, later I came back into Comm Central chat and before I could even say a "word" I was greeted by "TyA" and stated that I was not to post that message again.  Well, this argered me greatly.  He then stated that "I told you it was being discussed"....well that is not was told....last word was It was being unblocked! did have a Staff person in the chat room this whole time who did and said absolutely NOTHING this entire time.  Dana......something.

THEREFORE, it is my complaint (1) about being spoken to in chat the way that I was spoken to by your Moderator. YOU, Wikia, need more "people oriented" personnel moderating the chat room NOT people "who don't want to hear it", I have enough of those types in my own wiki.  If STAFF is going to be present in the chatrooms and problems of an administrative level arise.......THEY need to speak up and answer those complaints or get out of Chat....simple. As for the "Spam Filter" BAN....because that's what it was....I am offended that you put this type of thing in place without checking what it would do to your "Users" and their ability to "build" and "edit" within the Wikia.

You may respond if you wish.