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Lottie s1 February 10, 2015 User blog:Lottie s1

It's February again so Valentine's is near. But this isn't always a lovely, romantic occasion. It's OK to hate Valentine's Day. I don't have a date this year, but two of my friends do, so I have to pretend it's all magical. The truth? I HATE Valentines! The only time that I EVER enjoyed it was when my Mum used to write me secret cards when I was little. It's OK if you have a date, but I've heard that once your relationship grows to be more serious, the magic dies away eventually. I've only had one boyfriend, so I wouldn't really know. He only lasted three weeks before he cheated. Our relationship did not last until Valentine's, but it did last over Christmas, and he got me some GORGEOUS gloves... But that's not the point!! Let me know about your Valentine's, LOTTIE X X

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