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Pack Rules

This is Crescent pack 

Rule 1: Animals are ONLY Artic Wolves, Bunnies for the pups, and Deer to hunt. Once the deer is hunted the same Jammer goes back to the wild, Become a pup, or be a wolf in the pack.

Rule 2: Once you leave the pack that is final, You will be considered enemy of the pack or if you leave you will be punished for one week.

Rule 3: I am the leader, Firestar. I will be the ONLY leader. My pup will take on, pack will end, or, I choice one of the best pack members.

Rule 4: Our territory is my den or Lost Temple of Zios in Serira Nevada.

Rule 5: There will ONLY be 1 Medic,  Which will be just a plain wolf.

Rule 6: You MUST memorize these rules or Print them out, Or instead keep this page on your Computer.

Rule 7: It is not aloud to be in Two pack at once or will be punished for eternally.

Rule 8: Never challenge the alpha. (Me) Or WILL be punished for eternal or be eaten.

Rule 9: Do not act Inapropiatly Infront of the pack or will be punished.

Rule 10: Every pup that is born will have a celebration.

Rule 11: Must obey EVERY rule.

Rule 12: Every pack member must obey the alpha and there elders.

Rule 13: Once you die, You can choose to, Leave the pack, Become a pup, or go to Star pack.

May choose to write about pack in Journal.

Please suggest more rules in animal jam for me, User: 123me41

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