• Lovecraftsmonster

    Good night fellow bloggers, it is my first time interacting through this social media. I actually found it very convenient since I despise Facebook ( too many baby photos ). 

    I am a 17 year old teenager who is triggered by life itself and just can't help it. I guess it's hormonal?

    i'm considered by some a nerd, and by others just a creep. I take nerd please. 

    I constantly think about life and how fucked up some things are; I sometimes desire to disappear completely, but I swear I am not suicidal. 

    I suffer this little issue called existential crisis, meaning that I question my own existance and get depressed about this weird world on a daily basis. My inner demons won't shut up about how anything we do doesn't have any purpose. 

    I am in a love-…

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