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  • I live in An average planet in orbit around a commonplace star in a dime-a-dozen galaxy.
  • My occupation is Home Security Guard
  • I am an ordinary high school student hikikomori-geek-cloudcuckoolander that loves cute stuff. Also, genderfluid.
  • LoverofAllThingsCute

    So, I've noticed that rollbackers are extremely underpowered on Wikia, and that people abuse the "remove post" feature of forums all the time. And I do mean, all the time. Go to a wiki with forums and/or message walls enabled and you will see why I say this. So, in a nutshell, I'm asking for rollbackers to be able to remove messages and revert pages to several versions in the past, while normal users have the power to remove messages taken away.

    Well, there are several reasons why rollbackers are UP. The first of which is that rollbackers are given the ability to "roll back" pages to a previous version, but nothing else. And it is just the previous version, not five versions ago. Normal users can do pretty much the same thing. It's called "…

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