So, I've noticed that rollbackers are extremely underpowered on Wikia, and that people abuse the "remove post" feature of forums all the time. And I do mean, all the time. Go to a wiki with forums and/or message walls enabled and you will see why I say this. So, in a nutshell, I'm asking for rollbackers to be able to remove messages and revert pages to several versions in the past, while normal users have the power to remove messages taken away.

My reasons for thinking rollbackers are UP

Well, there are several reasons why rollbackers are UP. The first of which is that rollbackers are given the ability to "roll back" pages to a previous version, but nothing else. And it is just the previous version, not five versions ago. Normal users can do pretty much the same thing. It's called "Undo Edit". Sure, it creates a new version, but still. Also, I think rollbackers should have some kind of power over users other than just erasing the last version of a page. It is the forums of a wiki where spammers often crop up. I've seen it happen myself. It happens on every wiki I go on. Another thing that happens on forums all the freaking time these days is people removing posts because they can. I've done this myself, but let's not talk about it. Therefore, I think only users with rollbacker priveleges (not sure if spelling correctly) or higher should be going around taking messages down.

Also, Undo Edit is quite overpowered, as normal people can revert edits just like rollbackers. Well, almost like rollbackers. Still, it's there. Rollbackers should be able to roll back pages to the original version if needed, not just erase the current version. This should put some power back into the hands of rollbackers.


I am sorry if "rollbacker" and "rollbackers" don't sound like words now. Also, please put some power available to normal users back into the rollbackers. Maybe a name change would be nice, too. Something like "order manager"... Anyhoo, that's enough of this post. Mata ne~!