Love isn't easy I have fallen in love two times in my life one the person and I were besties and one time I met the person online and started falling in love. For me love has never been easy I have never gotten loved by someone one time when I were little a thing happened to me and I'm not gonna say it because I don't want to tell everyone in the world. Anyway since then I haven't had it easy with love I am bullied and people don't like me so much. Because no guy ever have liked me I became gay I like girls very much. I have been in love with one girl and one boy. The girl I was in love with didn't love me that way back. The guy I loved may have loved me back maybe not I don't know. He knew I liked him and he said that he maybe liked me. After a while I got uncomfortable with some things like he said he wanted to cuddle with me and stuff and I said I was uncomfortable with him right now and need to think. I said I needed a break because I got anxious about him all the time I still don't know why I got anxious I just got anxious when I thought about him. Im having the break right now he got really angry at me for wanting a break but I need it. The break has been two days now I don't really know what I think. I think I don't like him but I am not sure I am gonna think a little more before I decide what I wanna do. I like him but I don't know how much I just need a break. The worst thing is the only thing I'm doing right now is either crying or being anxious. I hope this will be okay at the end but I know it's not a hurry for me to find the love of my life I have time I think.