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  • Lt. Allen

    Here, I added to Wikia with the music template from Wikipedia. The correct way to use them is:

    • creates a ♯ sign for sharps.

    More updates coming soon on Wikia...

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  • Lt. Allen

    Hi everyone on Wikia, it's Allen for this blog post. Independence Day is today and would rather have an update on Wikia also.

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  • Lt. Allen

    I have breaking news reported from BBC and CNN global news that have been reported to it.

    North Korea invades the Korean Peninsula with nuclear tests and also breaking news issued. This is a significant admission by the US Government and breaking news reported by President Obama.

    This is also breaking news and it's going to be war soon.

    Add a comment if you have any questions about this news report. See also I'm a wiki system contributer then I'll make a reply for it.

    --Thanks, Allen for this blog post.

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