1. The background size must be < 300kB. That is small..... But okay, as long as it can load.
  2. And if the width is < 2000px, the image will be split in half, with an ugly line between. Are you serious? 2000px and < 300kB?
  3. Compress the image so it would meet the criterias. And now wiki zoom into the background like 5x the size of it. Why don't you just make it fit?
  4. I agree, I'm an idiot at design. But at least, can't you tell me the ratio of the width and height? "Nah, just tell them it should be < 300kB and > 2000px for the best result, they will figure out the rest" And I'm here spending 3 days fixing the ratio, so the image won't be too wide or too high, and still can't figure it out.
  5. Maybe there is an option for the position of the background. I only need to find them in a bunch of code. I know, I'm an idiot, but c'mon, can you at least provide the button "center/up/down/left/right"? I mean, this is the basic.
  6. Of course, I love the "fix", the "transparency". the mark..... They are amazing options. Maybe I will get some more amazing options when I'm premium or something.
  7. Why....why "split". Who came up with this splendid idea? Just...why...? Why not "stretch" or "fit" something...or "leave it alone".....Yes, this is brilliant, but only when the content area is not transparent. If you let me adjust the transparency, why don't let me choose between "split" and "no-split", without that ridiculous "2000px and 300kB"? Just, once again, why?