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  • Lumoshi
    1. Make it about ten pixels smaller on both ends and thin out the search bar.
    2. Compress the Start a Wiki button to allow a separate box for notifications right between it and your profile button.
    3. Make avatars square.
    4. Don't make the Notification menu so freaking huge. Scale it down by a scale factor of .5 or .4
    5. Resize the hubs menu by about a scale factor of .8
    6. Add an option to customize the color to match the wiki's theme, preferably in the theme designer.
    7. Resize the logo and Search and Start buttons by a scale factor of .9
    8. Take off the little borders between sections
    9. Add a little button on the very right side that lets you choose how you want the nav bar displayed: not at all, as it is now, appearing when you scroll up, and appearing at the top.

    I'll …

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