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                                                                                     Little house on the prairie,

  Little house on the prairie is a old T.V. show.

  It was made by Michael Landon.

The story is a true story.

  It's about a little girl named Laura Elizabeth Ingles.

She had 2 blood sisters. 1 older her name was, "Mary Ingles" Her little sister's name was "Carry Ingles."

 There are severael episodes of Little house on the Prairie (LHOTP).

 One of my fave charachters is Nellie Oleson.

Nellie Oleson was the bully in Laura's school. But that of course is not why I like her. Bullying should not should never be right!

I only liked Nellie Oleson when she got older. She turned much more sweeter and no longer was a bully when she got older.

That's when I liked her. Until then I liked Mrs Ingles. (Caroline Ingles).

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