Eric Yuki エリックユキ

Eric Yuki is a young man who has a great tallent for Dueling, but

when it comes to his other classes he always fails. He went threw

many starnge events in his life ever since the begining he got into

Duel Academy.


Birthday: May 7, 1998

Gener: Male

Height: 5"2ft Meteric 152cm

Weight: 132lb Meteric 560kg

Hair Color: Blonde

Eyecolor: Lavender

Rank: Slifer Red

Grade: 9


1st season: Elemental Heros

2nd and 3rd season: Neo-Spaceans

4th-6th season: Gagaga Deck

Epilogue: Dragon Deck

First Seen: Episode 001 Season 1


Eric is very confident in his dueling and will never give up on certain things, he has a very large appetite. His favorite food is Sushi, Belgian Waffles with whip cream and a cherry, and Fried fish. He fails a lot in his classes but doesn't really care for it. He makes a lot of friends and has a few rivals.