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YU-Gi-Oh! GX Final Generations

Lynace99 September 6, 2013 User blog:Lynace99

Yu-Gi-Oh! Final Generations The Legacy of Duel Academy

Genre: Adventure, Gaming, School life

The story starts 10 years after Jaden Yuki and his friends graduates the academy. A young boy of that get's into Duel academy that was ranked as Slifer Red that wanted his goal to be become the next King of Games. Eric Yuki (Erikku Yuki/エリックユキ) is the main character he is 5'2ft weighs about 135lbs and he's 14 years old when he gets into Duel Academy in 2018. There are total of 6 seasons and an "epilogue" of the future which is 5 episodes when Eric duel Jaden Yuki when Jaden is 31 years old.

Lynace99 (talk) 01:24, September 6, 2013 (UTC)April Spitz

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