This blog post is long but I implore you to read it.

Hello all. A couple of days ago, on Dinopedia, a user set up a thread in the Forum called "What if dinosaurs didn't die out?". The first few replies were on topic and friendly. Later, a user called Diakujia replied, listing a smorgasbord of cryptids. Since I do not believe in the existence of cryptids, I had a go at refuting some of the user's points. Sometimes, when the user failed to give any evidence, I would ask them for a link to an article or an image for clarification.

Sooner or later, we went off topic and requested that we move the discussion of cryptids to another board and thread. For a while, we were back on topic before Diakujia reappeared and resumed the argument. I then continued to refute his points before adding a "warning" tag next to his profile, since I asked not to continue the topic of cryptids in that thread at the risk of a warning.

Diakujia noticed this and asked me why there was a tag next to his username and I explained why, in what I believe was a tactful and polite manner. However, it was evident that the user did not take his warning well and decided to call me a "hard ass"; he was basically asking for a second strike.

An hour or two later, I noticed that another user, w:c:cryptidz:Grootslang, had replied to the thread, and his reply is as follows:

Man...sorry, but you are so stupid for being admin. (Don't angry by me, there is no offence). What Diakuja did to you? Or you simply can't discuss normally? (you can only use your banhammer when you get butthurt). People are so annoying...
~ Grootslang

I then noticed that Diakujia had created a blog post on Cryptid Wiki about the argument. Deciding that the situation had gone too far, I closed the thread and asked the two users to message me if they wanted to continue the argument.

I subsequently went over to Cryptid Wiki to read his blog post. I then commented this, in self defense.

First off, Diakujia, I never banned you on Dinopedia, never. The warning tag doesn't affect your account's standing on the grounds of restricting access to certain features, it's a means of keeping track of wrongful edits and warnings.

Second off, you were warned for hijacking and continuing a topic which you were asked not to. You then received your second strike for calling me a "hard ass" and "lazy". You have plenty of time to reverse this and improve your reputation.

Grootslang, your actions on Dinopedia were inappropriate. I implore you to research an incident before diving in headfirst. Launching personal attacks against me will not solve any issue.''

~ Lythronax

I felt that this was a reasonable response. I was telling the truth and I was defending my side of the story. Diakujia then replied.

Get the hell of Cryptid wiki Leave me alone.

You simple Human.

This isnt your place. You know nothing of this place.

All you know about is how to be boring and simple.''

~ Diakujia

I think this is a good example of why I was right in warning him. I then responded.

Diakujia, I have the right to defend myself against accusations of misuse of power. I have just had to deal with a Cryptid Wiki user coming over onto Dinopedia via your blog post and personally attack me.

I try to as tactful as possible but what you said to me crossed the line. I will not ban you on Dinopedia for what you have done but if you continue to slander me on this wiki, then I will have to take action.

Also, I do lurk around Cryptid Wiki so I do know my way around here.''

~ Lythronax

Grootslang then said.

Dear Lythronax.

First off, i saw that Diakujia used these words, but he didn't offended you. He was an active and useful user on Dinopedia (n9) and he only wanted understanding from you. It was his opinion abou dinos.

Second off, Diakujia is my friend. All active users on this wiki is my friends, and I can understand each of them.''

~ Grootslang
Ban us if you want. But if you will do this, it will show your high level of dullness.

Best regards''

~ Grootslang

It's obvious that Grootslang isn't aware of empathy. I was personally offended by his words and they were bang out of order. Also, the fact that Diakujia is his friend shouldn't matter. Administrators are supposed to be neutral when solving an issue involving users but this clearly displayed a hint of bias. I was quick to reply.

Grootslang, although he is an active user (which does not automatically imply that a user is trustworthy), he called an administrator "lazy" and a "hard ass", which is against user conduct. He also continued a topic when he was asked not to.

Diakujia being your friend doesn't have any bearing in an argument. All it really does is show a level of bias.

I am not going to block either of you but how will doing so show my "level of dullness". Please elaborate.''

~ Lythronax

The following replies were implying that my user page, which is written in a sarcastic tone, destroys my arguments. This, I find immature.

Half way through this, Diakujia created another blog post called "Really?", which is as follows.

((Letting out rage so pay no mind my actull Cryptoozoo friends))

So now hes coming over to this wiki to tell me to stop "Insulting him" when this wouldent have happend if he didnt Warned Me just because I was telling him my side of The Living Dinosaur Story. I got pushed to my edge.

And when I do on the internet all i can do is insult. if it was real life I would stabe him in the leg and run because he could only Limp.

Then hes pretending to be the better man. Oh no I wont kick you off if you stop bashing me.

Dude shut up there other Dinosaur Pedias a can use just stop draging this out.


~ Diakujia

After this, I felt that it would be appropriate to block him on Dinopedia for a year. Implying violence is unacceptable, especially towards an administrator. To alert him about his block, I left a notice on his message wall.

Shortly after, the blog post was deleted by an administrator, and rightfully so.

Later, another Cryptid Wiki administrator, AmazingAncientWord, replied to the blog.

I enjoyed reading this. One of the best blogs i have read on this wiki; i cannot believe that Dinowiki guy would block you for promoting cryptids.
~ AmazingAncientWord
No, I blocked him because he ignored an administrator's warning and insulted me. He then later referred to violence, stating on this wiki, in a blog post that I cannot find for some reason, that (is something along the lines of) "on the internet, I can only insult. If this was in real life, I would stab him in the legs and run, because he could only limp".

Thankfully, the blog post has been deleted but administrators can view the log here.''

~ Lythronax
What are you talking about?
~ AmazingAncientWord

This is the point where it gets out of hand.

Lythronax will be blocked, as he vandalized the programming of cryptid wiki: He disabled the ability to restore deleted pages and somehow disabled the ability to view his and Diakujia's Deleted User Contributions. This is the worst case of vandalism I have ever seen; he will be blocked undefinably for this action, the deleted blog will be re-uploaded under my name in protest to this hacking, and these charges will not be lifted until these hacks are removed.
~ AmazingAncientWord
Most of the hacks have "magically" disappeared however some traces of his vandalism are still present. He will be blocked for a while for hacking the wiki for no reason
~ AmazingAncientWord
P.S. Lythronax vandalized Cryptid Wiki too.
~ The shy platypi

I never knew normal, registered users could break the interface of Wikia by just commenting on a blog post. This is where I'm starting to have serious doubts that these claims are legitimate and are just a means of getting back at me for blocking their friend for a year.

First off, I do not know how to hack anything; never have, never will. Also, even if I could do it, how could I remove the "hack" if I was blocked?

AmazingAncientWord then messaged me on Dinopedia. I replied, stating that I did not do such a thing.

Earlier today, Diakujia made another blog post called "Ha ha ha... so..". Although I have no issue with what he said, I do, however, have an issue with what The Shy platypi said.

No problem. That Lythronax guy had no reason to block you (even if you threatened violence, you were just joking). Dinopedia's articles were all stubs anyways, that's why I left months ago.
~ The Shy platypi

The thing is, TSP, that I did not take what Diakujia said as a joke. How do you even know it was a joke? Also, as I stated many times, over and over again, that I had a reason to block him; he insulted an administrator, ignored an admin's advice and implied violence. This issue has yet to be resolved, though I have reported this to Wikia staff.

Admittedly, I may have been a bit harsh towards Diakujia but I felt that his block was justified. However, the Cryptid Wiki administrators, I feel, are incredibly biased towards their "friends" and are not fair, going so far as to accuse another user of hacking, just to get back at them.

Thank you for reading; I have been worrying about this all night.

UPDATE: AmazingAncientWord has replied yet again to the "unhacking request", still implying that I have added unauthorised code to Cryptid Wiki. They have significantly shortened the block to six months.