I was recently blocked from Adventure Time wiki entirely. This was because I used anathor users account to get on chat when i was banned from it. A few days after i was banned I admited to a Admin (Saber Sworn) about me using that account. I told him i was sorry and would not do anything like that again. He blocked me after that. He set the block forever with my computers IP address in it. My friends are trying to help me with this. Other users on that wiki had Sockpuppets and they were not permanetly blocked like I was and they did not admit they had the sockpuppet like I did. A Admin on that wiki (Flame Prince Finn) thought that what Saber Sworn did was wrong after he did that. Mods are also trying to get the block limited. Even tho this was all done on chat I was blocked from the wiki entirly. I have made good edits to the wiki. My friend asked the founder if he could take my place in the block. I made a great aplogy to the Admin that banned me. I wanted to see what anyone here thought about that. Thank You for your time From M1870 07:33, June 12, 2012 (UTC)