aka Megan A

  • I live in New York
  • I was born on December 17
  • My occupation is Non-professional Singer and a free-lace designer
  • I am Female
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    March 1, 2017 by M354n4l3x4ndr4

    Dear readers ( If i still have any),

    I've decided to leave community central for good and never come back. I've found a better website to blog on and where nobody can judge me like a few of you guys have I just wanted you guys to know though. Sometimes, when commenting on other people's blog posts, dont say things like Are You Completely Sure That This Is The Place To Post This? That statement alone has made me paranoid and insecure, so thanks to the people who said that. This blog is going offline for good. Don't forget what I said in my first post though. 

    Thank you.


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  • M354n4l3x4ndr4

    Once, my family ended up in a place called Kudat up in Borneo and we all thought that we could do a ton of things from water skiing to playing mini golf. But when we got there, all we saw was a closed down pub, a library with shelves that I could count and a sad looking bed and breakfast. But we ended up making it fun by playing hide and seek in the woods and staying up all night just talking. 

    Even though life may seem tough at times, we always have these memories with our family and just remember that we are never alone.

    I'm really sorry for the shortness of this post but I'm just really tired. 

    Luv you all loads and Good night!


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    I need help!

    February 27, 2017 by M354n4l3x4ndr4

    dear readers,

    I am so sorry for the post that i 'wrote'. The truth is that I went to a camp and i gave my blog passwords to my best friend, Chelsea. This was her post and I am so sorry for making you guys think that I was the one who wrote this. I am not like this at all.PLease do NOT stop reading my posts and I SWEAR that It'll only become better. I got rid of the old post by editing it because i dont know how to delete posts. And to truly say I'm sorry, here's a snippit of a  post that is completely appropriate for Community Central.

    (PS: You guys were right. This is NOT the place to post things like that.)

    I am so sorry.


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    Have you ever aced an exam with flying colours, but the girl who sits next to you gets a better mark? And even though you feel you put in more time, it didn’t pay off?

    Have you ever worked hard for a head girl or boy, working your fingers to the bone, but someone else gets the position?

    Have you ever pulled an all-nighter creating something you’re so extremely proud of but someone else comes along with something even better, claiming to have not spent ANY time on it?

    It happens sometimes, heck, it happens ALL the time, and let’s be honest – we all go green-eyed monster and we wish we had someone else’s luck or talent or determination. When you work in the same business as someone, doing the same things, full of the same passions, their success ca…

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