Have you ever aced an exam with flying colours, but the girl who sits next to you gets a better mark? And even though you feel you put in more time, it didn’t pay off?

Have you ever worked hard for a head girl or boy, working your fingers to the bone, but someone else gets the position?

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter creating something you’re so extremely proud of but someone else comes along with something even better, claiming to have not spent ANY time on it?

It happens sometimes, heck, it happens ALL the time, and let’s be honest – we all go green-eyed monster and we wish we had someone else’s luck or talent or determination. When you work in the same business as someone, doing the same things, full of the same passions, their success can really bring you down if you feel you aren’t really in the same lane and running at the same speed.


What if, I read someone else’s blog and it’s really good, I say, ‘Hey, this blog is better than mine, so that means I should hate this blog because it’s getting more hits than mine’? What exactly would that get me? Negativity? Jealousy? Less hits at my blog? It won’t change anything. Besides, there’s enough room on the internet for everyone as you too. They’ll always be someone better, more inspiring and more successful than you but remember! There will always be someone who wants to be you. Everybody wants to have a taste of success but we don’t need to isolate ourselves with jealousy in the process. One thing I’ve learnt recently is blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours any brighter.

As a very wise friend of mine would say: focus on your own lane, go at your own pace and don’t look sideways. Someone else’s success does NOT have t impact you or detract you from what YOU want to achieve.

A little Friday thought for you.


Megan out 😉