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Joining the Fan Contributor Program

Hi everybody. Lately, I’ve been considering joining the Fan Contributor Program. The only problem is, I don’t know what to write about, or even if that which interests me would interest others. Because of this, I would like to hear your input on if and what I should write about.

What fandoms do I know the most about? Like a lot of people, I am a fan of Star Wars and Marvel and DC comics. I am a history and aviation nut, as some of you can attest. I am also greatly interested in languages and cultures, as I speak English, Spanish, and German.

I have been a fan of Star Wars for years, collecting every Lego set I could get my hands on, as well as cross-section books, novels, and plastic models. While I stopped playing with Legos after Episode III came out, I still have almost all of the old sets, and it’s interesting to see their evolution over the decades. I even played a Star Wars version of Dungeons and Dragons with my friends a few years ago. It was a chaotic, confusing, and awesome game! (and seriously Owen, I do regret killing your character by accident)

While I have only recently become interested in comic books, I have been reading and collecting them like crazy. Marvel is my mainstay, especially their new Star Wars series, but I also read DC and Titan comics on occasion. One of my favorite lesser-known titles is the reboot of Johnny Red. The accuracy of the aviation artwork is amazing! Although the idea of a Hawker Hurricane Mk. I being able to beat a Messerschmitt Bf 109F is a little absurd, but I digress. I even picked up a Spanish-language copy of Marvel’s World War Hulk two years ago when I was over in Spain. Now if I could just find an English copy to compare the translation…

Like a lot of people, I have watched the Marvel movies from the start. The Iron Man series is my favorite, followed by Captain America. I still don’t know whose side I’m on for Civil War, by the way. One of the upcoming Marvel movies that I am most excited about is Doctor Strange, ever since I saw how big of a part he played in World War Hulk. I am also a fan of DC comics, but to a lesser extent. Gotham and Legends of Tomorrow are two of my favorite superhero TV series, plot holes not withstanding.

As far as real-world stuff goes, I am very interested in history and aviation. The advancement of aviation technology over the past century is amazing. Given my command of Spanish, the Spanish Civil War has become a topic of great interest to me lately. I still have a Panzer I in Nationalist markings and a Polikarpov I-16 in Republican colors somewhere in my stash of unbuilt plastic models…

Do you think I should write for the Fan Contributor Program? Why or why not? And what should I write about?

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