• MBAVfan4everafter

    MBAV is my fav show

    December 11, 2012 by MBAVfan4everafter

    My baby sitters a vampire is my fav show. my fav character is Rory, played by Cameron Kennedy. i like this show because it has a lot of adventure in it and i like that in a show. i also love action too. my fav episode is the siren song one. i talk to Matthew Knight on twitter sometimes and hes really nice. even though i havint met him. i know we have become great friends on Twittter. well like over the internet obvuisly. 

    i wish i could meet the actual cast but i might need to ask him. i think its filmed in Toronto. well im gonna be a fan 4 ever after. even when its over, ill still be a fan. i may ask Matthew Knight if i can come to the set but idk. my grandma said that when she was on a walk, they were filming Degrassi...

    ps this is the end…

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