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RantPasta: Cliches

WTF is up with Cliches? First: Creepypastas have tons of Cliches. For example File Extensions and Sonic. Cliches become a Cliche when the first copy of the Cliche exist and then copied. The .exe became a Cliche when the idea was copied from Sonic.exe. Well I cant wait for

Trollpastas: Cliches are born when typed. NEXT

Someordinarygamers Wikia Creepypastas: Funnymouth was my first expierience with the SOG Wiki. It was the only creepypasta to perfect breaking the fourth wall AFTER it became a cliche. Most are Shitpastas but you can find some good ones. Funnymouth was read in a video by SomeOrdinaryGamers and was given Creepypasta Of The Month.

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