Welcome to my blog

Hey whoever you are! My name is Macarena and I, obviously, don´t live in Narnia. I´m a latina girl who loves English and loves the US, and hopes to be the best surgeon in all the freaking world.

I intend to write reviews about basically everything you can imagine, and write my personal posts. About life, and not a very good one. First of all, I´ve got to tell you that I´m a supernatural criature fan (thats why I dedicate my life to The Vampire Diaries, Twilight, The Originals, Shadowhunters) and I love to see tv-shows or series, or however they are called. Those that have tons of episodes and make you laugh, cry, hate and fall in love.

I´m very happy right now, and I´m feeling so positive that I want to share my positivity... just kidding. I´m the most realist person you´ll ever know. I see the good and the bad parts. I consider myself realist, even though I have a lot of people constantly yelling and telling me I´m a negative person (lot of people AKA my mother).

If you are lonely and you want a friend, I can be your friend. Yeah, sounds weird, but if you see this blog you´ll literally know my weaknesses, my flaus and my everything basically. My crappy family and their crappy attitudes. The question is: are you prepared to get into my skin, to feel it all, to know a person so much that you know exactly how to treat her?. Well, if answer is yes, come on! join my blog!, but beware: my life is not easy, as it might not be yours. If hearing my reality will ease your pain, then you may join me, but if it will injure you more, then you may not.