Hi All, I am a Macbre, an engineer here at Wikia. This past summer the Poznań Wikia office hosted a summer internship program for students studying engineering. We really appreciated all the interesting work our interns produced and thought it would be fun to share their work with the community here. Below is a short summary of user-facing projects our interns worked on. Currently none of them are live on Wikia, but we hope to integrate them into future projects.

Wiki evolution

Every wiki is a never ending story. This project tries to visualize the evolution of a wiki from the very first edit. Here a wiki is represented as a dynamic tree structure with each leaf being a single article. Branches are generated based on categories, user avatars, and wiki wordmark. The videos here show customized colors for each different type of content. The Gource visualization tool was used in this project.

Visual Stats

GitHub stats inspired us to create a similar tool for wikis visualizing all edits on a wiki and user contributions.

It has four different views:

  • Commit Activity (number of edits in recent days)
  • Punchcard (when edits are made - each row is a single day, each column is an hour)
  • Histogram (shows when edits are made within 24h)
  • Code frequency (how many characters were added and removed recently)

Wiki map

Did you ever wonder what the structure of your wiki looks like? The WikiMap special page was created to show this. It generates a graph of articles within a given category and connects them based on links between them. Additionally there is also a mode where most edited articles are shown.

Thank you

A big thank you to all our interns: Artur, Kamil, Michał, Dariusz, Andrzej, Piotr, and Maciej! If you have questions, about their work, feel free to post them below and I will do my best to answer them. Happy editing!

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