• Mach9

    One final word.

    October 25, 2010 by Mach9

    Hello. My name is Mach9. I am not a well known user, I am not even a known user. However, I am entitled to my opinion. I'm not going to write another stupid blog complaining about Wikia's choices and the new Oasis skin. Why fight a tide of unbeatable wrath? Would you walk into a tsunami with the thought in your mind that you would live? Would you presume you would prevail over a deadly sickness due to it being unfair that it was you that contracted it? Through no matter of complaining can you make a change. But, possibly, if you wade through the river long enough, you might find land at the other side.

    All I wish to do is to encourage users to put up with the Oasis skin long enough to earn some respect from Wikia. Wikia, like anyone else, d…

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