• MacroonCandy

    Anime Interview

    November 10, 2015 by MacroonCandy

    For those who enjoys a good time watching anime I can give some reconmendations during this interview. Just to let you know this interview involves my own opinions only. The numbers below are not ranked but listed please don't misunderstand.

    1. Sword Art Online

    Sword Art Online, has to be on of my favouite anime just because it contains a lot of actions, breathing taking moments and a bit of heart-warming romance. If you like adventure, action, fighting that incules gun, swords and other weapons, this anime is be on amzing (trying not to exaggerate). Not only, but the anime takes place inside a game and not realitly I mean come on that's gotta be worth your time. Ps. Enjoy.

    2. Diabolik Lovers 

    Before stating anything farther, yes it is a rever…

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