For those who enjoys a good time watching anime I can give some reconmendations during this interview. Just to let you know this interview involves my own opinions only. The numbers below are not ranked but listed please don't misunderstand.

1. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online, has to be on of my favouite anime just because it contains a lot of actions, breathing taking moments and a bit of heart-warming romance. If you like adventure, action, fighting that incules gun, swords and other weapons, this anime is be on amzing (trying not to exaggerate). Not only, but the anime takes place inside a game and not realitly I mean come on that's gotta be worth your time. Ps. Enjoy.

2. Diabolik Lovers 

Before stating anything farther, yes it is a reverse harem. For the fan girls out there in need of blood thirsting need for handsome vampire guys this is the anime for you. It also focues on the storyline while each episode shows a clear view of each character's personalties. But I must admit the girl is a softly, the weak type. Overseeing the numeraous face palms because of the heroine, and the hot-boiling, blood sucking scenes, the anime is still enjoyable.

PS. If this isn't enough to fullfil your heart there is a season 2 of Diabolik Lovers More Blood. A new group of vampire guys trying to capture the heroine and using her as a blood source (not like she wasn't one already).

3. Amnesia

Another reverse harem if you're not already having enough. The heroine  wakes up with... yep amneisa. Only to meet a fairy and different guys she doesn't remember. Trying to recover back her memories she faces a serie of strange events. She then begins to regain back some loss memories. To be honest thoughout the anime I literally felt like I got amnesia. Only until the end everthing is resolved. They explained about her past and the cause of her amnesia.