All right, first blog post it's kind of making me nervous. I'm not sure why. Maybe if you knew me a bit better, you'd get it. I think Ashley would get's making me a bit nervous! Ha! Excuse any of my grammar errors. It's currently three in the morning and I'm half asleep. I think it's insomnia I have. 

Any who, I decided to start a blog out of a spur of the moment thing. See, I thought it would help the readers of my story on Wattpad. Not that they'll read it. (I'm not looking for pity here or anything or complaining that no one will read it.) It's the fact that I probably won't tell them that this actually exists.

Yes, I write my own little story. I'm fourteen and I try to write little stories. Of course, it's a fan fiction. I've tried writing something that wasn't some type of fan fiction and truthfully I thought it was pretty good until the lack of reads proved me otherwise.  

Okay, obvisouly what I wrote on Wattpad is a fan fiction, but I look at it as something more marvelous. It's something I'm proud of. Things I feel go into that writing and it hurts me when people say, "It's a fan fiction, it must suck..." or "It's not even a real story. You used characters that already existed." I did use characters that already existed because I felt like a story written about them would be great. I mean, I would love to read a story about Ed Sheeran and the girl who he writes all his songs about: Alice. Come on! Every single one of Ed's songs is a story being told, so that's what I did. I took the lyrics of his songs and wrote a story. 

I'd love to write a story about my own characters and again, I've tired miraculously. On Wattpad if you don't get many reads it kind of feels like your story doesn't really matter. That it isn't good. Not to be conceited or anything, but I think I'm a pretty good writer for a fourteen year old. I could be much better, there's always room for improvement, but I'm pretty darn good. 

I've written two stories that I'm proud of. The Untold Story of Alice and the sequel, It's Never Just Goodbye. The first one already reaching 25,000 reads and the second almost to 4,000. For the very little reads I do get nowadays, I always get positive comments and they make my day perfect! It makes me so ecstatic to see that someone appreciates my writing as much as I do.  

I've not only started this blog to help explain the characters I've made in the story from my own imagination(Take Alice for example. I just used her name, but her entire being is a mystery.) I've also started this to just get my feelings down on paper, well, on the computer! Maybe not many people will read this, maybe none at all, but that's fine. I know it's here and I know it's helping me. Alrighty, I probably should just stop and take a break on the writing. If you want to check out my stories, I'll find a way to present the link. (I still have no clue how to work this site.) 

Here's the summary: 

The Untold Story of Alice - Ed Sheeran has always been the type of guy to explain his love through song. He was even gifted with a good voice. When Alice walks by in the hall at school one day, his whole world changes. She's magical and mysterious. Which makes her like a magnet, and attracts Ed to her immediately and fully.  Four years they survive together. Alice graduates high school, Ed has a record deal. Along with a few other crazy experiences.  When she gets accepted to a university everything changes. They don't see each other as often, making it difficult to keep up this relationship. They soon drift away to much, and this adventurous relationship ends. Will they ever get back together? What happens when Ed does find Alice, and she's changed? Follow the incredible journey Ed and Alice follow through. Why he's written so many songs over this paticular girl. Will he ever get over her?

(I know it's a fan fiction, but once you start reading it...well, it just doesn't seem like one.)