Blog 2
My name is Maelum, a somewhat new person to wikia, and I would like to introduce and invite you all to my first made wiki, The Realms of Creation Wikia

This wiki is a "sandbox" wiki, if you will, for people who wish to put down ideas they may have for their own made-up universe, while helping or being helped in making the other made-up universes become more detailed and more defined as time goes on. Not only that but it is also a small experiment to see how the different ideas and universes evolves and also how the community changes with the evolving ideas.

The reason why I had decided to create this was because while looking for a place to put down my ideas for my own universe online, I did not find that many places where I could do that, and the places I did find had certain rules attached to them which I did not completely agree with (ex: No humans in your universe), one of them being a wiki here on wikia, although I have forgotten the name of it. Because of this, I decided go and create my own wiki, where people can go and create different aspects of their own universe or perhaps help with other people's universes without having rules in the beginning saying what can and can't be in the universes (although rules may be added when the time comes where they are required). I have also created this so I can watch how the community develops as users work together to develop the different universes over time.

My ultimate goal with this wiki is to have a place where fully developed created universes (and possibly multiverses, if different users want to and agree to connect their respective universes eventually) can be displayed and seen by other people across the internet, as well as have a completely developed and connected community working together not only on my wiki, but also possibly in other parts of the internet as well, depending on how things go (although this goal may take a long time to complete or may never actually become completed, due to the nature of my goal).

So far, I have done some work on the greeting message for when you enter the wiki, changed the colours for the wiki and also added categories to the navigation bar for the wiki, however many more concepts, no matter how broad or specific they are, can be added, not just the categories I have put so far. In order to help the wiki develop, all you need to do is go to the wiki and put down your ideas and also help develop the ideas of other users that go to the wiki (I do recommend asking their permission, though, before modifying the pages for their on the wiki). It will be even better if you are able to make pictures to match and visualize your idea!

Well, that is all the info that I have for the wiki and how you can help! Feel free to take a look at the wiki if you are curious, I look forward to hearing from you all in the future, whether you are creating your own universe, helping to develop other people's universes or are just looking around and reading what is there, everyone is welcome!

Until then,
Yours Sincerely,