• Mafiabosseswife

    Rant about me!!

    June 11, 2015 by Mafiabosseswife

    All right everyone! I am Angel or Mafiabosseswife. Never thought of getting Wikia till just now. I am one of those girls that love K-pop, K-drama, well any asian drama really. I like asian guys, my friends tease me sometimes and say "Why would an asian guy go for a white chick like you" *said in mock voice* Thats why if I want to fangirl about asian guys I do it at home in my room at home. I also love Teen Wolf, I love supernatural creatures, so I watch a lot of shows with supernatural in them. I also, love Vampire Diaries(Who doesn't), The Orgininals, Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural(yeah, Supernatural, cause of supernatural, lol ^^), Awkward, True Blood, and much more. I love anythink Werewolves!! I love Werepanthers because of TB, but …

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