All right everyone! I am Angel or Mafiabosseswife. Never thought of getting Wikia till just now. I am one of those girls that love K-pop, K-drama, well any asian drama really. I like asian guys, my friends tease me sometimes and say "Why would an asian guy go for a white chick like you" *said in mock voice* Thats why if I want to fangirl about asian guys I do it at home in my room at home. I also love Teen Wolf, I love supernatural creatures, so I watch a lot of shows with supernatural in them. I also, love Vampire Diaries(Who doesn't), The Orgininals, Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural(yeah, Supernatural, cause of supernatural, lol ^^), Awkward, True Blood, and much more. I love anythink Werewolves!! I love Werepanthers because of TB, but there aren't much shows or movies with Werepanthers in them, makes me sad:,(

Music wise, I like everything, well not techno, screamo, some rap and pop, but yeah I likke most music. I of course as said love Kpop, like EXO, Super Junior, Got7, B.A.P(even if they are disbanded, come back B.A.P!!!), Big Bang, 2pm, 2am, Teen Top, Ukiss!!! And much, much more!!!! I love classic rock, cause dude, like its classic, I love Breaking Benjamin, always will. I used to be one of those girls when One Direction first formed that loved them, but one 1D has gotten older and less cuter, well to me they have. I am more of a 5 Seconds of Summer, 5SOS girl now. People say they are like a combination of All Time Low and Fall out Boy. I think I see the resemblance, but 5SOS is one of those amazing unique bands!! Luke Hemmings is my favorite, he is most girls I heard. He has that cute quifed blonde hir, and bright blue beautiful eyes!

My favorite Teen Wolf Character is.........*dun dun dun* DEREK HALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Played by the amazing Tyler Hoechlin!!!!!!!!!!! I love that Tyler had gotten the character of Derek, he just makes the character so right. Derek Hale, *sigh* his whole name is as sexy and handsome as him, hes a bad boy, "I don't give a ####, #### off, dont mess with me vibe!!" He does say, " I wipe your throat....with my teeth" I LOVE when he does that pause then adds it. Derek has that spiky, hair, fare colored skin, and that rockin' body!!!! But lets not for get about those beautiful green eyes!! Tyler Hoechlin is they man who gave all these feature and style to his charater Derek!! Thank you Tyler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!! Derek has a bad tate in women though, they are crazy, die, or leave him. He finally got a good one with Braedyn!! Thank Goodness!!! I love him and Braedyn, but of course being a fangirl I have lots of jealousy, but Hey everyone gets jealous, sometimes when they favorite character is with someone else.

Okay everyone, I'ma rap up my ran now so, goodbye and look forward to more rants and update, reviews, advice, etc.

Mafiabosseswife (talk) 02:01, June 11, 2015 (UTC)Angel, or Mafiabosseswife
The Liar and His Lover-

Not K-drama, but id J-drama, Japanese Drama, this is The Liar and His Lover!!! Its good, go to to watch it!!