• MagcargoMan

    As you all know, Wikia staff decided to replace the Monacco skin that we all know and love with the so-called "New and Improved" Oasis, without asking the community about their thoughts on it. They said something along the lines of: "You'll get used to it." Really, Wikia? Really? Not caring about the opinions of users and what they have to say is something selfish and arrogant, and Wikia Staff should know better. And just because we aren't the founders, doesn't mean we shouldn't get a say. Oasis is messy, confusing, and downright ugly. It's hard to navigate and most of the things I knew how to find on Monacco are lost to me. The articles are long, narrow and squished. It's putting us off editing!

    Now I don't want to get rid of Oasis, even …

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