There the two girls sat always wearing white lace dresses, always sitting togehter, always eating the same thing. There had to be something about them. If anyone talked to them they would be stared at and eventually never come to school. I've ben trying to avoid the "Deathly girls" for seven years. The have pale olive skin and with almost redish blue eyes.

"Hello Margeret" Said the "Deathly girls" one day at school to me. 

"H-hi" I gulped.

I walked away slowly hoping that they don't follow me. I go get my stuff out my locker but as I turn around I see one "Deathly girl" beside me and the other on the other side. I walked away trying not to notice them. I can't wait till I get on the bus to go home. 

As the bell rang to get on the bus I grabbed all my stuf from my locker as fast as possible and ran towards my bus. I sat in the front seat and acted like my bookbag takes up the whole seat so no one can sit next to me. I love riding the bus because I get off the bus first and I'm home alone. As I got off the bus I noticed the Rufus was outide. 

"How did he get out?"  thought to myself. 

I walk Rufus back in and lock the door behind me. I thought I saw something white and fast run past the opening in the hallway. 

"I'm hallucinating" I thought. 

I threw my bookbag on the floor and grabbed a honeybun from the cabinet. I head to the couch and plop on it and turn on the TV to Spongebob. I grab my bookbag and work on my ath homework some then I decide its to hard, so I get up and feed Rufus. 

After feeding Rufus I decide to change clothes because I can't stand being in the same clothe 24/7. As I head downstair I see Rufus run up the stair really fast into my parents room.

"Rufus!" I yelled "You know your not alowed in there!" 

I pushed my blonde hair out of my face and stomped up the stiars. I drag Rufus out of the room and pus him down the stairs. I look up and I see the two Deathly girls. They stuck their fingers to their mouth as if telling me to say they were never here. My heart starts pounding really fast and I can keep from breathing loud. To be continued