​Riverdale Episode 1-3: Reaction

Hey Guys! It's Maggie and tbh I have never done this before but I'm super excited to be writing about my favorite things for everyone to read. Alright so lets get started on my reaction. So if you have never heard of the Riverdale here is the tralior for season 1.... please watch this if you have not watched the show or heard of it.
Riverdale Official Trailer HD Netflix-101:18

Riverdale Official Trailer HD Netflix-1

 Al was right so I'm going to be completley honest I watched this show over the course of 2 days. I watched it after school the first day and then watched the rest all night the second night. I heard about this show from my school friends and around the internet and I was not expecting much. Once I started the first episode I WAS HOOKED! The made the first 3 episodes amazing. I really started to like all of the characters and was excited to see what was next! I think my favorite thing was the way they made all of the suspects do something terrible so you didn't know who the killer was. It was absolutly amazing! I just wanted to share this bit of my new favorite show. I will be back tomorrow my cuties with the next edition of my reaction of Riverdale. Love you cuties <3