• What is your wikia called?

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Wiki, also known as Showagenrokurakugoshinjuu wiki simply because the URL would be too long if there were hyphens between the words.

  • Where is it? (give a link!)

See here.

  • What is it about?

Like its name suggests, it is all about the manga (comic)/anime (animated show)/OVA (original video animation) Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, henceforth in this post called SGRS Wiki for convenience.

  • Why are you making a wikia about this topic?

Not only did it lack a wiki after winning at least 7 manga nominations/awards, the manga is going to be concluded soon and the anime is already over halfway through.

  • Why might people want to join your community?

It is a small, almost untouched community with great potential. While researching for SGRS, one ends up learning about various Japanese cultural arts that are rarely known outside Japan, and even if you're not interested in the art aspect, its portrayal of post-war (and even pre-war) Japan is strikingly accurate and since it is a josei (women's) manga, its portrayal of relationships is extremely relatable.

  • What have you written so far?

I have started off most of the pages, and I have tried to put down as much information as I can handle from each episode that I have been able to view so far.

  • What do you want to do with the wikia in the future?

I hope to keep expanding the wiki enough to get an Animanga Wikia Spotlight. If that is too ambitious, then I at least hope to gain a spotlight on the Animanga wiki, Community wiki or the WAM for this wiki's affiliates, Concrete Revolutio Wiki and/or Rampo Kitan Wiki so that people can find it by exploring the pages of those wikis.

  • How could others help out?

Others can help on SGRS Wiki by expanding on the relationships and history sections. Also, adding infoboxes, improving information, adding multimedia and adding categories will assist with wiki expansion greatly.

This would also be greatly appreciated on the affiliated wikis, especially Concrete Revolutio Wiki with its source material entering its second cour (season of roughly 13 episodes) in April 2016.