I feel as if the Wikia team isn't thanked enough for their enormous effort in making Wikia, and so, this blog is for everyone to take a moment and thank the Wikia team for their huge contributions in creating Wikia.

Thank you's


Thank you, Wikia. I have been a part of this site for a few years now and I have greatly appreciated all you guys have done for everyone involved in this community. You have allowed this young man from Australia and many other members of all ages come together with at least one thing in common; some sort of passion for expressing creativity and working together to provide the ultimate database in different areas. I have been able to do just that since I have been here, accomplishing much more than I would have ever thought I would when I first joined. Whether it be chilling with mates back at my primary wikis or meeting new editors in different wikis, Wikia has just been an amazing experience. Here, at the age of 15, I have been able to create stunning pages off and on the Wikia site. Thank you for this.


Yes, Wikia is a great site that I have been editing for over two years. It's where I've met new friends and had a lot of fun working on articles.


Wikia has been a major benefit in my life. It has taught me how to work with other people who hold different views, how to get a community involved in major discussions, how to deal with trolls (which will help me deal with the more troublesome people I'll meet in life), how to work as a team with others to create wonderful projects... the list just goes on and on!

But, besides just how Wikia has affected me personally, Wikia is perfect for everyone! Who wouldn't want to have a wiki dedicated to a topic they love, where other people can edit and help it grow?

So, yes. Thank you Wikia!

The Great Lord David

I love Wikia! It has granted me so much amazing things.