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The Scarf Heroes Fannon wiki has become a cyberbullying place and it NEEDS to be taken down

This is regarding a particular wiki that was once used for simple roleplaying and the like, but recently the user that made it for us at Scarf heroes was banned from our wiki for misbehaving and breaking our rules. Not long after this they changed that wiki into this ScarfHeroesFannon_Wiki it has become a place where it's sole purpose is to not only make fun of our hard work on Scarf Heroes but also to Cyber bully my friend and the founder of Scarf heroes JoeyTheN64Guy He has reported this wiki and yet nothing has been done. Everyone there has repeatedly attacked him calling him “salty” and more.

I find this unacceptable and ask that this wiki be either shut down or be forced to change its ways, Thank you. 

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