Welcome to I Made a Thing!

A multi-disciplinary game in which a piece of creative work forms the beginning of a chain of artworks by individuals working in any medium or genre.

1.     You receive a ‘creative product’ (either physically or through access to it on the blog) and access to the blog.

2.     You make a ‘thing’ in response to any of the blog posts

3.     You add your ‘thing’ to the blog (or send pictures to the blog admin)

4.     You pass your ‘thing’ or a link to it to your chosen successor


Any medium, genre, discipline or style is equally welcome: music, words, visual art, sculpture, soundscape etc., whatever you’re comfortable in.  The only stipulation is that it needs to go into the blog.

The rules

The rules are similar to brainstorming;

·       No negativity

·       All ideas are valid

·       Every idea is welcome, even dumb or crazy ones

·       Build on other people's ideas


Disruption and creative adjacencies are part of the game!

Blog posts can be visual, written, audible, whatever – but must be accompanied by a sentence describing the relationship between your piece and the one(s) before.

When you're sent your object or link, create something then upload picture(s) to a new blog post.

The login details for this Wiki will be sent separately.