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Happily Ever After Series: The Forever Dream

Chapter One...

"This is ridiculous." 17 year old Aurora slammed the book down on the kitchen table. "Sleeping Beauty... much less than a garbage collector." A mother, eyes red with sleep leaned on the side of a column in the castle. "I may be a princess, but I would never do all this falling in love junk. I followed the story until now. I'm fed up." The mother walked slowly towards her daughter in an effort to calm her down. "Mom, just listen, I've already done enough, you know... actually becoming a princess, going into the forest and training animals, but now I need to sleep peacefully and wait for a stranger to kiss me?! Not gonna happen." Aurora stood reluctantly, an anger in her eyes, but also a fear.

The queen, suddenly given up, collapsed on the girl's bed, and sat miserably. Aurora sighed, "I need to go to the forest."

Grabbing a black cape and long brown boots, she slowly dressed herself in preparation of hunting. A long four yard bow and sash was taken off the hook near her bedside aggressively, still muttering curses to her own hearing. Finally, Aurora took one last glance at her mother, eyes soft, "I'm sorry." , and the door closed shut.


Outside the wind blew softly against her hair, letting the long blonde stranded wander around her neck, cooling her off. The grass slowly moved along with the song of the river, telling the salmon to head north for spring.

Deer trampled the ground, heading for a safe place to hide as the white horse glided into the mossy area. Everywhere she looked, nature was there...her friends, the birds and elk, bear and root of tree. She had learned to appreciate it, and honor its existence. Aurora sighed, and jumped off of her horse.

Still, there was a pattern of the story she had followed, something she disliked, and she knew it too. Aurora took hold of her bow and lingered to a nearby stream. "Today it points west." She murmured, and ran away into the darkness of a trail; to find something, someone.

As Aurora walked into the bright clearing she knew they had been wandering away from her, trying to avoid her. She knew Aurora would come though, she always did.

In the light a creature appeared, walking into the suns glare, giving a slight sparkle to its dark shade.

The Pegasus, wings of silver and mane of bright grey stepped closer, a bored look in her eyes. "I have a question." Aurora stated quickly, "I think you know what that question is."

Neon lights suddenly surrounded the area, and where the unicorn should have been, a dark figure with a red and black cape stood. "Hello young friend." The queen had a smirk and wore a casual greeting style. "Lovely to see my goddaughter again." Aurora gave the queen a look, and the queens expression tightened, "Yes I know."

The girl looked relieved and waited for an answer. The queen gave no one what so ever until a few moments had passed.

"Let me just tell you one thing little girl." As she circled Aurora, lifting her hair in her long nails painted black, "Not everything in a story can be changed."

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