When I go back to the glory days of chat for me I remember a chat that was both quiet and talkative at times, where it was filled with both competant people who knew how to help in situations and people who were there to have fun as well.

But in the last couple of weeks chat has heavily degraded and now only a few good wiki users are available to try and help push it up. A large amount of the chat now is either filled with trolls who want to cause chaos on the chat or spammers who want to spam the chat or immature people who don't know what to do and who irritate the living daylights out of me

I would have loved to not write this blog post, but I feel I might as well due to the fact that a large amount of my friends who were part of the good users have either left or are not active on the chat anymore. Many users who could also be talking are becomming less and less active on chat as well not only beacuse of school but beacuse there isn't a good conversation going on in the chat mostly

I wish the chat could be a good chat again but unfortunetly the chat I once knew and loved is now dead to me. All the memories of chat are now just memories and chat has become a shadow of what it used to be to me.