Hello Everyone in cause you have never noticed my name is Darytyg. I am very new to the wiki environment and I have only been on it for almost a month. My favourite topics are debates and role playing. I mostly upload blog posts on the wiki but I sometimes edit other information on other wikis.

I personally am from the country of South Africa and my second name is Mangletyg beacuse of my love for the specific character Manlge ( Five Night's at Freddy's). My favourite activities on the wiki are writing blog posts on specific characters, role playing with other wiki users and talking to specific users on the wiki

My friends on the wiki are currently TheBaldEagle who is an admin on the Five Night's at Freddy's wiki , beacuse of the good interaction we have towards each other and the amount of agreeement we gain, Monokuma 499 , beacuse he is with me and we both agree that Mangle ( five Night's at Freddy's ) is a female and we talk fine, Stopi the empty suit , beacuse we both agree on specific topics that are relevant to any subject, the green creeper, beacuse of his kindness towards me, Jimi 56 , beacuse of his helpfulness, High Aquilifer Elliot , the best editor on the wiki and the hardest worker I have ever seen, DexterWolf , beacuse he is one of the kindest people I have ever known, Didn'tMangleBehead you, beacuse he can agree with me heavily and Taz the Wolf, beacuse of the general care he has for me.

My real name is Darryn Micheal Seymour. I am a avid gamer and I play video games for 40 % of the day of my life and 30% is spent writing wiki blogs and the final 30 % is spent sleeing, eating and playing music. I hope to oneday be someone that the wiki community can both respect and love.

So from myself to you I would like to say hello