Hello my name is Manglytyg and today I will be discussing emotes.

Now bear in mind there is a entire emote section where you can look up emotes yourself. But if your like me your most likely either too lazy to do that or just don't have the time or interest to do it. So this is a simplyfied version so that when your on the chat you don't have to go through a entire section just to learn how to wave to people

The first emote :

Alright the most popular emote the wave. This is a emote where you wave to specific people who enter or leave the chat.  this is the standered wave. Now in order to do that you use o/ without any spaces or (wave) no spaces, I prefer the second method as it is easier and better to use. The second version is this . This is used to say goodbye to a person. In order to do that type o\ or (secondwave). This is the most popular and probably the most fun emote to use

The expression emotes

Thease are emotes that display a certain emotion on a face.

this is the happy emote. Used to indicate when a user is happy. In order to do this type :) no spaces.

This is the sad emote. Used to indicate when a user is sad. In order to do this type :( no spaces

This is the smiling emote. Used to indicate when users are smiling. In order to do this type :D

This is the giggle emote. Used to indicate giggling. Type (giggle) to use

The ohai emote is a simple ohai version of hello type (ohai) to use

The winking emote is used to indicate winks type ;) to use

The cool emote is used to indicate a cool situation type B) to use

The  emote is used to desicnate a sigh expression. type :/ to use

The angry emote is used to display anger. Use >:( to use

and thats part one of basic emotes part two will appear in the next blog post