Hello everyone my name is Manglytyg and today I am writing a blog on how to make a community more friendly

Bear in mind this isn't a how to act blog as that would fall out of the authority zone I am currently in. No this is just some friendly tips from pasts expieriences I have expierienced to try and make it easier for others to cope in the wiki chat. Hopefully you guys enjoy and hopefully you like.

" " Tip One : Acting on the chat " "

How you are treated on any chat depends on how you act. If you act like a child expect to be treated like a child if you act like a adult expect to be treated like a adult. No wiki user would want to see,"I am blah blah blah" as that is both annoying and unnecessary. The image of yourself depends solely on whether you can act appropriately. So be polite, respect others and trhe same will happen to you.

""Tip Two : Is pinging really neccesary"

"Hey Someone, SOMEone, SOMEONE", annoying right well thats how someone on the recieving end of a ping would feel. If you need help then pinging people is neccessary but don't just ping spam other users for no reason. Not only will you get in trouble but you will also make the other person mad. A mad user is one who likes you less and then well it is hard to fix that

""Tip Three : Spam is a pain""

"aifoaisfoiasf", Annoying, unnecessary and just plain wrong. Spam is like a boxing glove to your face. It both hurts and is unnecessary. It also gives the basic image that you are either a child or a troll. So trying to not spam is a very good thing as it will both put you in a better image and keep people from being annoyed at you behind your backs

""Tip four : Enjoy yourself ""

Fights happen, arguments take place but at the end of the day we are all only human. Its best to just shrug it off and have fun on the chat. We can bitter and grudge against ourselves but it will lead to nothing. So have fun and enjoy yourself.

And thats all my tips for now. Comment if you want another guide and I will see you in the next blogpost

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