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I guess it is time to write one of thease blog posts. I have been here for two months and now I want to share with you on who I am as a person. You all know me as Darytyg but my life has been not great.

Introduction :

I was born two weeks Premature on the 5 of January in South Africa. When I was born I was rougly a average baby. But I was anything but average. I learned to both talk and walk at a early age and things were easy to learn for me. For the most part my life was great.

The Sadness :

I was diagnosed with Autism at age 16 for the most part I was ok with it. But then I had a horrific Depression for 7 months. I abused enos, urbanol and many more drugs, I was crying ten times everyday, I was a abusive and agressive person who grew more and more unhappy to me life was stupid and useless and I was worthless.

The Developments :

Until I met youtube and the wiki you guys have helped me through my depression the only reason I am the happy person I am today was because of you guys. All of you made me happier and gave me hope in my life. It gave me the courage to be a furry so I must thank all of you for helping me to become a user we can all be happy with

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