Hey it's September 10 aka my fourth Month on the CC and today I want to acknowledge some people Who I felt made a impact on my life from May 14 to September 10. Now bear in mind I could not expand this list past ten as there would be too many people to fit and all of you guys are special to me even if your not on this list your still very good and special users to me so without further adue thease are the top 11 users who made a impact on my life :

11.BackRaven : She is pretty much the special person in my life. I first met her in May and then after much conversation and interaction we became Bf and GF. She is probably the most special person to me and I hold her dearly in my heart

10. Nachtide : She was a good user when she was there. She was constantly kind, friendly and helpful to me and is probably the reason that I was able to be more happy on the wiki. I will miss her but at the same time I am glad she is happy in life now

8. Kururu Gamming : My sixth closest friend on wiki. She makes my day happier and on top of is constantly cheerful and nice to other people. She basically made my days on wikia more than just another random chat day on a chat room on the internet

7.KCCproductions : My fifth closest friend on wiki. She is my pm buddy and the person who always puts a smile on my face and makes my hyper side come out in the best possible ways. She is a good friend and we both enjoy the :P emote

6. KawaiiUnicorn : My fourth closest friend on wiki. We became friends after a long period of interaction. We both are willing to talk to each other and at times even stand together. She is the one friend who I feel has made a massive impact on my life

5. ChaoticShadow : My third Closest friend on wiki. We had little initial interaction at the start then it turned into a mutual friendship were we both had fun with each other and messed around when it was needed. I honestly think that her insane side is the best side of her

4. Mistream : My cat friend and fellow furry. Mist is the one user who I can interact with happily and freely without any critisism. We may be different animals but we are very good with both interaction, communication and a general feel for each other

3. Zmario : The second most egotistical person on wiki. He may not be here anymore but he taught me how to adapt to certain things on chat, to be relaxed in nature and calm in a situation and on top of that he taught me how to be friendly towards others.

3. Avingon : My Good friend. This guy is serious, Nice, friendly and a good enjoyment to be around. Probably the one person who I interact with a lot on the wikia and the one person who I can have a good conversation with that doesn't end bably

2. NerfMaster8 : This person is my second closest friend on wiki. He has helped me with many things regarding code to interaction with other people. He is the one person who I would not be happy without. As a ghost bud he is pretty awesome

1. Josephyr : My closest friend on wiki and the first person I ever met on wiki. Jojo has been a kind, loyal and friendly friend ever since I joined wiki on May. I am glad that after all the amounts of trouble I may have caused he is still my good friend. So long live the narwhal;.

So thank you for reading bear in mind I had a limit on users so if your name is not on the list I heavily appologise for that and will probably see you in another blogpost. Cheers all you awesome people