Hello I am Mangly and this is my third blog post. Have you guys ever noticed the amount of arguing on wikis. I personally have and from a user perspective that is not only bad but is detrimental. We are all users here with the same goal of developing a wiki and when people fight it makes me annoyed. To be honest the reason why is because of the unnecessary of the argument. If we are so concerned with arguing we should create a argument wiki. Now don't take my advice on the argument wiki as it is distant from the point I am trying to make. A happy community is a bonded community a community were all the users like each other and respect each other is a wiki that is both strong and has a long life span. I have seen countless examples of wikis that failed not due to the topic being irrelevant or loosing interest. But solely because of the fact that the users in the wiki lacked the ability to communicate effectively with each other and to gain common ground. Now this is easier said than done I know as there is the difficultality of the task but If we can strengthen each other we will not only gain a wiki that develops but one that lasts long. The longer a wiki lasts the more respect we can have for each other. So I encourage you to try and be respectful to one another it is a difficult task I know but it is one that gains the most rewards in the end