There has been so much drama and worrying about the recent chat degrading due to a few new users causing trouble on the chat. Many people seem to blame mods, others blame the wiki, but in all honesty the real reason is beacuse of yourself and only yourself. 

As a good friend of mine Foxidini a chat mod on the fnaf rp wiki once said, " You make the wiki and the wiki is defined souly by yourself". No matter how strict the rules may be, how unfair the mods may seem it is not the rules or the mods fault but it is solely the fault of yourself. When a chat degrades it is not beacuse of the new users but solely beacuse there is no support for the new users to develop. New users break rules, annoy users, troll and act in a way that is not appropriate on a wiki. But that is solely beacuse a new user has little to almost no expierience to the wiki and how the wiki works. It is the job of the old user to help the new user to develop and to not abandon the new user on the wiki.

I was lucky myself being a new user a few months ago as many of the old users were either willing to help me to develop and taught me how to act on the wiki site. However despite some of those users not being here anymore it is not time for the remaining old users to not help. No it is up to the old users to pick up there weight and continue what the few were willing to do when they were on wiki. People come and people go but it doesn't mean that a wiki has to degrade beacuse they leave. It just means it is our time to pick the reins and lead the wiki forward.

A wiki is defined by how we act aswell. If we act immature, rude and unkind then the wiki will appear rude, unkind and immature to others. But if we act kind, friendly and mature then the wiki will appear kind, friendly and mature too. We don't need good users to do that we just need people willing to do that to help. A wiki is based on how willing we are to develop it not on how a few are willing.

The mods can unfortunetly only do so much to help. So we as a community instead of berating the mods should contribute and try and help the mods to do there job and make it easier. Insulting the mods and saying how much they dont care about there work does nothing but cause more frustation and a lack of solving and more arguing in continuation

And we shouldn't be rude to mods when they ban users either cause it is the users responsibility not theres that they were banned in the first place. Getting overdramatic over a ban is not only not needed but also unnecessary.

As a wiki user myself I really am happy to see familiar faces of users willing to help others to develop. But at the same time I am also happy to help any new faces who haven't had the expierience of a wiki. The wiki may degrade but that is solely our responsibility and job. So the questions remains are you willing to help the wiki develop or will you eventual contribute to its degrade