Have you ever looked at the CCC and saw something different I have. There is no more KG, CS, MG and KU shouts from CS, There is no more cool Mlg quotes from Z and there is no fun or excitement in the chat anymore. This concerns me heavily. When I joined wikia back in May I remembered a chat that was fun. Users where happy, the mods were very active and everything was very good. I remember kind nice people who where there on chat regularly and funny people who always put a smile on my face. I remember good users who could do work on the wiki and who were friendly and happy and kind to others. Now most of the kind friendly people have either left wiki or are not very active and the people who have replaced them are either A Trolls, B Vandals or Spammers or C guys who are constantly asking someone to date them. The chat is degrading which is bad cause if a wiki chat degrades then the quality will fail. The only way we can prevent this is by trying to pull it up. Remember you guys make the wiki not the rules it is up to us wheather wiki will rise or fall. So if you are willing to let wiki rise agian then the glory of June will come back again