Hello Its me Manglytyg and after witnessing a fight on the chat recently I decided to create a blog on the best methods I have found to avoid hate. Bear in mind hate is everywhere on the wiki and try as we might we cannot be rid of it. But what we can do is try find ways to avoid it turning into a flame argument. Flame argument being a argument between to sides on a topic. Now is it necessary no not at all but can it be found yes unfortunately. So here are some tips I found on how to avoid arguments.

Tip Number 1: Don't expect everyone to agree with you

This is a issue I had problems with in multiple sessions. People not agreeing with a specific topic. It even goes far enough as the person downplaying the certain topic. Now if your a fan of that topic there is a 99% chance you will not be happy with that person. Then you will go all defensive and argue with that person. Now arguing is the one thing you want to do the least. When you argue you feed the troll and it might escalate worse or you make yourself look silly on the wiki which is worse as you not only get flamed but you also run the risk of the person looking better than you. The best advice is to ignore that person more likely a mod will deal with him or other people will pitch in to support you. That way the troll will get bored and leave you alone.

Tip Number 2: Don't be defensive

This is a issue many users including myself face. We always want to be defensive towards a topic. But that is the worst thing you can ever do. We all are different individuals with different opinions and were not going to agree on everything we come up upon. So the best advice is to respect the persons other opinion and if the person is mature enough they will respect yours too. Arguing on that will make you look immature and also feed the person. So be open and accepting

Tip Number 3 : Expect to be wrong

We all want to be right about something but there will always be the other person who will disagree with you. I myself have suffered from this tip as I am very defensive about my point. But a argument is always based on the persons opinion and there has to be a time where your opinion and feelings must be separate and never connect with each other. If they do they will not only create anger but chaos on the chat

Tip Number 4 : Is a person insulting or complimenting you

This is a very important point. Whenever we are on the chat we have people who joke with you constantly. For example someone calling you a idiot when they mean know harm. Now if you take that too seriously you will get offended by that person and if that person was joking with you the person will get confused and argue back. So the best advice is to not consider things too hard and have a lighter side on the wiki face.

Tip Number 5 : Don't be a fandom fan boy

"MLP is great", says a brony, "Furries are awesome",says a furry,"I love fnaf", says a fnaf fan and many more are examples of common fan boy quotes. Now while the fandom may interest you the consideration that the other person on the receiving end doesn't like the fandom has to be taken to heart. Say the person had a bad day or wants to relax on the wiki the person wont want a fan Screaming fandom quotes or how good there fandom is. It will most likely annoy them and it worst even go as far to make them angry. We all love our interests but if they are taken too far then our interest's need a cap

Tip Number 6 : Respect each other

Respect means having a large amount of favour towards a person. If we don't have that we have non-respect. Now non-respect is a word that is not very good as it could lead to us uttering disdain on that person. We all need to respect each other and at the end of the day if we cannot do that simple thing then we are no better than the person we are not respecting.

Tip Number 7 : Act mature

Now if you have a problem or want to talk how would you feel if a child caps every sentence written or spams the wiki. Personally I would be annoyed. This is something we need to consider as it is not only unnecessary but annoying to the person. If you are bored or want to act immature it is best to do so on something different the last thing you want is to look stupid in front of everyone.

Tip Number 8 : Be kind to each other

Now this is something that is very hard but very important. How you are treated depends on how you treat other people. If you treat others like trash expect to be treated as such. We all are people with emotions and feelings and something as stupid as a mean word is enough to ruin the day of anyone. If you want to be friends then being kind is key. It is the secret harness of a well formed community and the strengthening bond between users.

Anyway those are my tips on how to avoid arguments. But taking from advice at the end of the day we are all humans. We have different opinions, interests and wants. It is our responsibility to respect each other and our right to be treated as such. Because at the end of the day we are all equal and our opinions are great.